Tradition Versus Today – 2016

We live at a time when tradition is leaving footprints on our daily life. In this group exhibition, we are portraying small fragments of traditional art of this region, such as calligraphy and patterns, which not so long ago represented conservative art form, reminding us of the heritage of the Middle East.

Elements of Love – 2016

This show includes 6 international artists curated by Xenia Gazi, who will take us on an intriguing journey through their paintings, installation and sculptures. You can expect more than 30 unique works of art which speak for themselves.

The Big Picture Exhibition – 2015

The Big Picture announced the final list of participating artists who will exhibit their work for the third edition of the annual independent art exhibition. The show is scheduled to take place for the first time in two venues, Pro Art Gallery and Street Art Gallery Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with more than 70 artists,… Read More