Elements of Love – 2016

This show includes 6 international artists curated by Xenia Gazi, who will take us on an intriguing journey through their paintings, installation and sculptures. You can expect more than 30 unique works of art which speak for themselves.

The main focus of this show is variety in all its aspects, distinctively different technique of our artists, the elements they focus on, materials they use and after all it’s a show with the united vision of “Elements of Love” that merges all of us together.
During the Art Show you will see the work of Jeff Schofield (USA), who is visual researcher using upcycled objects and everyday material to create his unique art pieces. His featured work will be an installation called “Love Notes”. It is a conceptual work of art that focuses on and explores natural materials to reveal their intrinsic nature in terms of light, texture, movement and in combination with the elements featured in the title of this work that will support the emotions you will experience.
Simona Jachimecova (Slovakia) creates abstract art that represents dreams, emotions and lessons learned through her life. Simona uses her fingers to create her artworks, which she believes maximize the energy and emotions that her painting carries.
The painting style of the artist Abir Tabbara Tukan known as ع (Lebanese/Jordanian) is realistic, symbolic and the brush movement is executed with maximum precision. Her art pieces are covered with surreal message throughout and she achieves to involve viewers time and time again in observing her work with almost the eye of a detective to find clues and decipher symbols within.
Petra Kaltenbach’s (Germany) QR art is an ideal way to express Petra’s core theme which is Transformation. Petra offers her viewers two ways of perceiving her artwork: one is looking at and seeing the painting and secondly viewing it through new generation of technology using QR code, which gives her artwork another perspective and continuity through digital form.
Mioara Cherki’s (Romanian/French) paintings have a poetical tone and explore the subject of self-reflection, exquisite beauty and fragility of falling in love. She is fascinated by the art of Mehendi from India, which is sensitively incorporated into many of her artworks.


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