Xenia Gazi has been living in various parts of the world – England, Tunisia, France, Egypt, Scotland and the United Arab Emirates. Currently, she resides in Chicago (USA) where she studies MA program in Visual Critical Studies and continues her Studio Practice. She graduated from Coventry University in the UK in 2012 in Business Management and Project Planning. Xenia is a curator, self-taught visual artist, and designer. At the end of the year 2014, she spent some time in London, participating and meeting other curators through a curatorship program, which further enriched her curatorial experience. She was submerged in exploring several different models and approaches to the contemporary art scene with well-established colleagues and artists working in this sector. In May 2015 she curated and exhibited her own artwork during the Big Picture exhibition held in Pro Art Gallery and Street Art Gallery in Dubai displaying the work of 72 artists.

Her most recent exhibitions:
May 2015 Pro Art Gallery, Dubai
Oct 2015 Art Fair Dubai, Address Hotel Downtown
Dec 2015 Limner Gallery NY, USA
Jan 2016 Art in a Secret, Showcase Gallery, Dubai
Feb 2016 Elements of Love, Pullman Hotel, Dubai
Mar 2016 Art Plus Gallery, Dubai
Mar 2016 Cultural Centre, Sharjah
Apr 2016 Tradition vs Today World Art Dubai, World Trade Centre
Jun 2016 The Big Picture, Andalukova Gallery, Dubai
Jul 2016 Art/Fashion/Photography Project and official launch of an emerging brand
Aug 2016 Lust for Life, Menier Gallery, London
Dec 2016 Going Inland, NauArt Gallery, Barcelona
Jan 2017 Visions of the Future, Etihad Modern Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi
Nov 2017 “Open Studio Nights” SAIC School of Art Institute in Chicago, USA

She believes that details are signatures of her work in both; in her curatorial approach and execution and her sensitively planned expressionism of her artworks from the beginning to the last breath of emotion and passion that fill up space around her artistic being. Her Work is conceptual and focuses on exploring the details of patterns, symbolism, and orientalism. She believes that west and east can be serenely unified and more, it could be an asset to the both; perceptions and believes that we hold on to.

Brushes & colors are voices which liberate my mind.Xenia Gazi