Bedouin Woman in Love

Bedouin Woman in Love

The Bedouin Woman artwork facilitates the delicate composition of strongly rooted traditions and modern life of a young Bedouin woman who wears traditional golden mask to secretly keep her beauty out of sight, but who wears wonderful make up. She covers her hair but with a delicate see-through silk scarf.

She wears an abaya but keeps it open. She is particular about her jewellery and accessories to create that impeccably beautiful and sensitive thought of a bridge between her culture, beliefs and today’s life in the Middle East.

She is realizing that she feels something special: it is new, it is different and it is constantly in her mind, in her thoughts and dreams… she fell in love. She daydreams and keeps analysing that new feeling. She knows it must be her secret. She turns her look to the side as she feels that we would notice her new emotions in her eyes. She smiles… but only a little…she focuses to keep it her secret.

The tulips represent her inner emotions of something new, which has just started, and it is blooming, it is beautiful and it is all around her.

She is a young modern woman, but with deep-rooted beliefs. She needs thee symbol of blue eyes to keep envy, curiosity and jealousy away from her, which is presented in a modern way over the abstract background symbolizing the lines that creates our life: it could be destiny, decisions or paths we have made and chose.

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