Infinity represents an artwork fully based on symbolism created out of patterns. The Infinity symbol resembles a lying number 8, which is parted in the upper and lower section on a white background. The details of the patterns over this area repeatedly focus on the symbol of “Infinity” where in each one of them a wish was placed.

The middle part of the painting resembles a bird to symbolize freedom. In my artwork it is meant as the inner freedom from society pressure and/or freedom from the society dictated system. If the painting was turned to the right, the middle part would portray a “Tree” symbolizing growth, our past, roots and future as a tree of life.

If the painting was turned to the right again, it would get horizontal again and the eye of protection will be revealed to keep us safe.

From the opposite vertical position, a flame would be in the middle of the work, highlighting the unlimited opportunities to start new things over and over again.

The waves connecting into each other represent continuity. Flowing life created of different experiences, choices and routes we take, but flowing infinitely into infinity.

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