My Frida

My Frida

My artwork is influenced by Frida’s look and charisma, where her strong personality and unique style became timelessly celebrated around the world.

In alignment with that, and to add a touch of ‘artistic flavour’ to her beauty and allure; I have asked myself a hypothetical question: How would Frida look like, and how would her looks be, if she was living in the Middle East, and had inherited the Middle Eastern’s well-known mesmerizing oriental gaze?

To answer that question, I decided to allow my thoughts to dive into the fictional world of the human’s imagination, and to paint my Frida with strong orientalism in the background and her accessories; focusing on her empowering pose and features, which is highlighted with the everlasting black and white. It’s the rareness of her expressionism through her paintings; as well as her sagacious words which she said… and her overall charismatic LOOK, that is today influencing a lot of the creative people’s work through various industries such as the Fashion, hairstyle and the world of Arts.

I have been compared to Frida throughout the most parts of my life, thus making her presence available in my everyday life… and more importantly, allowing her presence & effect, intertwine with my own image. Furthermore, this makes my artwork a fusion of both Frida Kahlo, and my own self portrait. In response to my hypothetical question, one would say: “Frida would not change, but the background would.”

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